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Monday, August 07, 2006

Turn to Page France

I had first heard of Page France from , (check out this link the mp3 is actually still active). I fell in love with the song that was posted, but for some reason I didnt really do too much more research for more songs or info after my initial introduction, actually I didnt do any and I feel like an idiot for not. Page France opened for Silversun Pickups on Saturday at Great Scott in Boston ( A great place with fantastic sound and a very intimate feeling, so intimate infact that I actually was able to have words with both Page France and SSPU before and after thier sets ) and they absolutley blew me away! (SSPU tore it up as well, maybe the best show that I have seen this year, the music from the new album translates very very well to their live show) But anyway back to Page France, they bring a very modern folky feel to their music, its pretty simple and straight forward with catchy hooks, great lyrics filled with wild and vivid imagery and is very sing-alongable. YAY A NEW WORD! I picked up their Hello, Dear Wind album after their set and gave it a listen on the way home from the show, as I was cleaning the apt on a lazy sunday and now as I avoid doing any real work on a Monday morning. The entire album is brilliant and makes for a great listen.
Anyway, time to stop avoiding the job that I actually get paid for. Whats up with the saying that your job should be something that you love? How many people actually have jobs that pay, that they love?!


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