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Saturday, August 19, 2006


About a year ago I really started to "get into" new music, or at least music that was new to me. Now when I say "get into" I mean checking around the various blogs everyday, dedicating way to much of my paycheck to music and pretty much letting it take over my life. Now I go out and throw out various references to bands that I have been getting into lately, to the all to common blank face stare of my friends who reply, "yeah, I have never heard of them." Anyway it keeps me happy and that is all that really matters, right? To get back to the point, about a year ago one of the first bands that I had really got into and who are still with me today in pretty heavy rotation is Rogue Wave. A band out of Oakland, who bring great pop sensibilities and wandering guitar riffs to straight forward drums and bass mixed with delicate, fragile, and beautiful vocals. I caught their set for the 2nd time in a week last night at The Iron Horse in Northampton Mass. and earlier last Friday at the Bank of America Pav. in Boston opening for Ray Lamontange and Guster. The show in Boston was great and their set, though short and in daylight was very well received by the first time listening audience as well as the few head boppers and jamming outers like myself. They filled up a larger venue with their sound just as well as they do a 100 seater. Last nights show was a bit different, marred by technical issues (which were resolved by the mid way point) and an absolutely unruly Northampton crowd! That type of thing is very rare in N-Hamp, the crowd is usually very relaxed maybe even sedated, but agitation can be expected when the delays from the tech. issues were at times extended. The set was started off with a new song which I unfortunately did not catch the name of and then commenced into cuts from the bands two records, Out of the Shadow and Descended Like Vultures. A couple stand-outs for me were a new song entitled Lake Michigan and a fantastic extended encore version of California. Rogue Wave are Zach Rogue, Pat Spurgeon, Gram Lebron and Evan Farrell. I didn't include instruments or duties of the band members because one of the coolest things about Rogue Wave is that they all play pretty much every instrument! They do kind of a carousel type thing on stage exchanging instruments and duties on every couple of songs. Check out the link below to their web-site, there are a few songs for your listening pleasure so please enjoy and have a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rogue Wave is one of my favorite bands too! I'm glad more people are getting to know about them . . .

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