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Thursday, August 24, 2006

In the air, it's an Eagle*Seagull

The other night I was in Boston, again at GreatScott for a band named Eagle*Seagull. No, really I am serious that is their name asterisk and all! For those of you who do not know of this band, and judging by the attendance at said show I'd say that you are the majority, Eagle*Seagull are a 7 member band out of Nebraska who play very emotional songs, with over dramatic vocals, a bit of synth, a lot of piano / keyboard mixed with a healthy portion of hook laden guitar riffs and driving, focusing drums. ( Wow, I need to catch my breath after that one!) I absolutely love this band and their debut album of same name, released on Paper Garden Records in late '05 early '06. Their show however really did not impress me. First off they are a 7 member outfit and the GreatScott stage is roughly the size of a jail cell. Carrie Butler the bands violinist came seriously close if not actually making contact with Eli Mardocks (vocals, keys, guitar) orbital cavity on many occasions with her bow. I almost offered the kid my aviators for protection, I wasn't using them at the time. But, any who back to the music. Now I know that the band was not the headliner and they only had about 45 mins to an hour to get their set in, but that is no reason in my mind, to speed up your songs to get as many in that time span. I know that all they are trying to do is get as much of their material out to the listening public as possible, but when it completely transforms your songs into something unrecognizable it is a bad thing. Especially, when the songs are so good in their original form. I would love to know what you think about this issue. Is it more beneficial to rearrange your songs to get as many in, in an allotted amount of time or, is it better to get your original product out to the listening masses, the product that is actually on the record, even if it is only a small portion of the work?
Eagle*Seagull are Eli Mardock - vocals, keys, guitar / Luther Mardock - guitar, vocals / Austin Skiles - guitar, bass, vocals / Carrie Butler - violin, keys / J.J. Idt - guitar, keys, banjo / Mike Overfield - bass, keys / and Britt Hayes - drums.
Below are links to a few of the original songs off of the a fore mentioned masterpiece as well as links to the band and labels' sites. I hope you enjoy, and if you do be sure to purchase the album from Paper Garden Records, as they offer great customer service and only have a few copies left!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the quantity of their work. I guess it is better then being disappointed with their quality . However, I agree with your assessment. How did you come upon this venue?

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