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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hills Like White Elephants = Pink Mountaintops????

For some reason whenever I hear the band name Pink Mountaintops I think of my favorite and most meaningful of all of Hemingway's short stories "Hills Like White Elephants" (I have to thank my wonderful mother for buying The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, for me for Christmas 2001 as the inner cover reads.) There is nothing about the story that makes me think of the band and nothing about the band, aside from a color and a geological formation within the band name that is similar to the Hemingway title, that makes me think about the story. But anyway, I digress and move on to band. Pink Mountaintops, how do you post about this band and be on point? There are so many different directions to go in, in regards to the description of the music that it almost isn't even worth it. All that I am going to say is that the music itself is pretty dark with ominous and melodious lyrics (for the most part) and relentlessly driving beats that will have you involuntarily nodding your head.
The band itself seems pretty anonymous, they don't have their own website only the link below to the labels (JagJaguwar) page, and the liner notes of Axis of Evol their latest release only denotes Stephen McBean as the song writer. There is only one mention of any assistance / backing on the album, and that is a 7 member choir. I do know that Mr. McBean is a part of another fine outfit named Black Mountain who is signed to the same label and who you can check out from the link below.
Anyway, the link has a couple of songs for your listening enjoyment. Check them out and see if you can stop your head from nodding. I bet you cant!

P.S. - Check this link attached to Gorilla Vs. Bear, your boy got a little shoutout for helping name a weekly piece by a fantastically talented author named Austin LaRoche.


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