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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A keeper from the first listen

French Kicks latest release Two Thousand, is one of those records that on the first listen made me say "Wow, this album is amazing!". This is one of those albums that you could easily sell five copies of in five minutes just by playing it, a la, The Beta Bands - The 3 ep's in High Fidelity. The entire thing is absolutely brilliant, song after song and will have you jamming out in no time with its layers of piano / keyboards, haunting guitars, drums, bass and perfectly harmonized vocals. The link below to their site has quite a bit of stuff to listen too and actually, as I am writing this I am listening to their WOXY set, (I noticed that there are two more live sets (DayTrotter and WNYC) to check out as well as tracks from the new and previously released albums. Their music translates very well live, as I am finding out more and more by the second, but unfortunately the night that they are going to be in Boston, I am am going to be across town at the Band of Horses show. I am hoping that they are going to do an after hours show somewhere, but that is very doubtful.
French Kicks are from N.Y. and are made up of five members, Lawrence Stumpf, Nick Stumpf, Aaron Thurston, Josh Wise and a guy named Chris (I think) who joined the band after the liner notes of the latest album were put together, but he made the picture.
Their site is very well done and very easy to get around and as mentioned, full of stuff to listen to, enjoy and get lost in.


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