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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I just returned from the Bishop Allen show that was held in Cambridge @ the Middle East upstairs and I must say that if you weren't there, then shame on you! That goes for you too, Candyman or OMC or mentor & idol, as you have been become affectionately known as.
This was the third best show of the year (the 1st being Menomena and the 2nd being St. Vincent / John Vanderslice). As we, (Kaarina & I) entered the venue we were welcomed with the sounds of a band named A NORTHERN CHORUS out of Hamilton, Ontario, who didn't even make the bill besides a late add-on, on the Middle East web-page. Mixing the sounds of modern pop music, vast expansive arrangements, shoegaze guitar and boy girl vocals, they create great music along the lines of Cloud Cult mashed up with Malory. A must listen from my point of view.
AREOGRAMME from the Highlands of Scotland took the stage next, and as their music definitely pleased, it would have been better received on a bill with bands of similar style. There sound is very hard, fast and melodic, part shoegaze and part hard-rock with a Scottish accent. I enjoyed their set, as everybody else did, but it would have been better suited for a line up of similar bands. I would love to see them with the BURNING BRIDES, a band more who is more befitting Areogrammes' style .
BISHOP ALLEN were next, and the headliners and pseudo Cambridge locals did not disappoint. After a quick set-up and equally as short, but ill advised sound-check they proceeded to tear the place apart. I say ill advised because this is the second week in a row that multiple bands on a Friday night have had a difficult time getting their sound dialed after the start of their set. The Middle East upstairs, know for their intimate ambiance and great sound is slowly but surely losing the latter characteristic, which is unfortunate. None the less, a set of beautiful pop music, performed to a standard that Mr. Dylan would have appreciated followed. One of the hardest working bands in the business reproduced their greatest hits from their 12 EP's (1 for each of the months of 2006) and 1 LP, at such a high level that the long standing establishment and neighborhood hot spot almost burned down. Reminiscent of The Doors recording "the end" in that little studio in L.A., where Mr. Morrison or Mr. Mojo Rising as he may be better know, had to break in at 3am to douse the room with a fire extinguisher to "...put out the fire...", Bishop Allen performed their craft in such a fervor, that the seems busted, the plaster cracked the structure shifted. Never before have I witnessed a THIRD encore call, or the floor shaking and trembling under the stomping feet of hundreds of rabid fans, as I have on this night, and whats better is, it was warranted. It wasn't just long time fans of the band, or the teeny-bopper hipsters at the show. It was everybody, young, old, in tune, out of tune, comatose or wide awake, all in attendance enjoyed and was left wanting more at the end of the show and I think that is how it is supposed to be, right?
Anyway, just search the names of the bands a fore mentioned to hear their art. I would post some songs for you to click, but it is 4:46 in the a.m. on Saturday morning, my Narraganett tall-boy is running low and the only person who reads this rambling "shyte" is Mr. Caissie who doesn't have a sound card or a high-speed connection, so it would be pretty pointless. The link below is a news story that I read before I typed this mess, and is something that pisses me off as it may you, so read it or don't. (Not suggested it you want to have a good rest of your day.) Good day, be well, and remember your neighbor will always be your neighbor until you make him or her your friend.

Photo Courtesy of the Hunta, he is a great man with a great eye. Check out his Flickr site here.


Blogger hunta said...

Hey Pete -
WOXY friend Hunta here. Amazing write up there and dead on. As you know, I missed the other bands due to my two-timing at Pela but wasn't that Bishop Allen show the most fun you can have with your clothes on? Did they do 3 encores? I lost count! THAT is the best thing about catching bands at small clubs: there isn't the artiface you find at big shows with 'established' bands. The music and the enthusiasm is sincere and that is a beautiful thing!


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