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Friday, September 01, 2006

Next weeks mission for the meaning of life

Next week beginning on Tuesday night I embark on what may and should be a life altering experience. I begin five days of shows that will span all genres of music (well a few anyway) in two New England states.
Tuesday night brings The Colour to Boston, a raucous little outfit who I hope will keep me bouncing around right into Wednesday night when I catch RATATAT. Whos beats and grooves should stay with and assist me during the 5-6 hour drive to Burlington VT, where I anxiously a wait the start of a show that I have been looking forward to for at least two months. I know that two months doesn't seem like that long of a time, but for a kid with undiagnosed ADHD who tries to telepathically change traffic lights and constantly tries to find ways to cut in concession lines, it is an eternity. The show will feature two bands of whom I have great excitement about seeing. Opening will be those darlings of the internet album sale, Oh No Oh My and headlining will be The Flaming Lips. That's right Wayne Coyne and company in Vermont, what will happen? The end of the world or the beginning of a new one? Transmissions From the Satellite Heart was an album that got me through my senior year in high school and still today effects me. It kind of ranks up their to me with The Velvet Underground and Nico album for genre busting, ground breaking, this is the start of something new and great music. I have seen the lips only once back in 1994 when they opened for Candlebox. Yeah, there was a time where The Lips were openers and were openers for Candlebox of all bands. My friends and I walked out on the headliner for obvious reasons, the least of which being that they were no talent balloon knots.
( Incidentally, I have an extra ticket for this show and if anyone is interested in it let me know. Can you believe that I couldn't give this ticket away?!)
On Friday it is a very very very long trip back to Mass where Band of Horses is playing at The Paradise with Chad Vangaalen opening. This show should be interesting as I am bringing two people who have never heard of either of the performers. I am quite confident that they will thoroughly enjoy Band of Horses, but I have my doubts that they will get into Mr. Vangaalen. I hope that they will enjoy both, but one out of two aint bad.
Saturday ends the existential pilgrimage with Birdmonster at The Middle East Downstairs or Upstairs I cant remember. This should be pretty exciting as I hear that their live show is great and they are coming off of an album release week. Lets hope that they are still in a celebrating type of mood.
Anyway it should be quite the few days. This is my summer vacation and I am only leaving the confines of Wormtown for one sleep. That can be looked at two ways and neither is really that impressive, but it should give me fodder to post about for at least...... two days?

I pose three questions for you to ponder:
1. What is the over/under for $ spent on gas?
2. Is this the most fitting bumper sticker this year - GOP "The Grand Oil Party" ?
3. What is better the peanut butter or the jelly?

Links to the guides of my journey:
^Chad Vangaalen^


Blogger anarchic said...

Bon voyage. If you happen to arrive at the Flaming Lips show early, you may score a chance to dance in an incredibly uncomfortable and sweaty animal suit. Then again, maybe he stopped doing that with this tour. At any rate, enjoy the fake blood!

1:20 PM  

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