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Monday, May 14, 2007

Find the beat and then move to it

I caught LCD Soundsystem this past Friday at Avalon in Boston and am not disappointed that I did, despite the $6.00 Coors Lights. What a show Mr. Murphy puts on with his five (sometimes four) mates. I had in recent weeks heard quite a few good things about this show, including one rave review from Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone’s music review section. A critic not known to give much love to electronic / dance punk-disco music too say the least.
The hype was lived up to, with an amazingly energetic performance and precision craftsmanship. This “backing” band deserves a lot more credit and press then it currently receives. To reproduce to such high levels the beats and music of the LCD Soundsystem catalogue is no easy task.
Witnessing this show I realized something though, the Boston kids need help dancing. I am definitely including myself in that comment, as I am not one to even occasionally cut the proverbial “rug”, but my goodness kids! Oh yeah one more thing, if you want a spot close to the stage get their early. I know that this is elementary thinking, but it is two fold in its purpose. Not only do you get your choice of location in the venue, but also you get to see upcoming acts who are opening.
On this night it was YACHT or who may be better know as Jona Bechtolt or the male half of The Blow. This one man wrecking crew of a show let his computer music flow as he “danced” around the stage and in the crowd. I give you that the show was a bit of a glorified karaoke act, but you have to admit that someone who goes out and puts that much energy into a performance makes the experience fun. His album I believe you. Your magic is real was released last week, but for someone reason Newbury Comics wont have it until tomorrow. It’s a good listen with the standout track being “see a penny (pick it up)”, which you can listen to here.

Photo courtesy of: xcopy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that was me! My real question should've been "Hey, do you think Panther is cramping your scene/style?"

The Blow is playing at Paradise tonights, sans Jona. I'll be there to see Electrelane.

And, uh, yeah. I paid $6 for a Miller Lite . . bad news!

9:27 AM  
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